Emergency relief fund after powerful earthquake hits Nepal projects areas
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Human connections

  • Expédition Everest.   Sophie Lavaud and François Damilano reached the top of the world in support of Norlha's activities in the Himalayas. Read more.

  • Field testimonies. Dawa is responsible for our agriculture and nutrition project in the Tibetan highlands. Read his testimony.
    Gyaltso is responsible for the community greenhouse in his village. Read more.

  • Internships, volunteer positions and jobs opportunities.   Read more.

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Norlha is a secular, non-profit NGO based in Switzerland with Delegations in several European countries, providing development assistance through various projects in Tibetan areas of China, in Bhutan and in Nepal, in cooperation with local partners. Norlha is proud to be a member of the Fedevaco.

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Himalayan Festival - 7 -21 November 2014

Himalayan Festival - 7 -21 November 2014

2nd Himalayan Festival: Our Annual Support Campaign 
7 -21 November 2014 This November, Norlha hosted its second Himalayan Festival. This event seeks to raise the profile of the...

Attribution des fonds Providence Everest - Sophie Lavaud

Attribution des fonds Providence Everest - Sophie Lavaud
There are no translations available. Attribution des fonds récoltés par l’Expédition Providence Everest 2014 | Sophie LavaudLes dons reçus grâce à l’Expédition Providence Everest 2014 menée...

South face or North Face

South face or North Face

Climbing the « Chomolungma » Everest via Nepal or the « Sagarmatha » Everest via Tibet ?Mountaineers wanting to reach the summit of Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,848...

Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013

Norlha Annual Report 2013Norlha is pleased to present its activity report 2013; are summarized in a few pages and images the activities carried out in 2013 for the Himalayan populations;